TPS6594-Q1: TPS65941212 & TPS65941111 OTP configuration table

Part Number: TPS6594-Q1
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We use TPS65941212 & TPS65941111 to power the TDA4VM,refer to the user guide<TPS65941212-Q1 and TPS65941111-Q1 PMIC User Guide
for JacintoTm 7 J721E, PDN-0B>. In order to better understand TPS65941212 & TPS65941111 ,please provide the relevant OTP configuration table,thank you.


Please send it to my email:

  • Hi Shuo,

    I'm not sure what you mean by OTP configuration table? This device is EEPROM memory not OTP. But nevertheless what you mean configuration table? Register address register data formatted data or something else?

    Br, Jari

  • Hi Jari,

    1. I think the EEPROM is TPS6594-Q1 internal memory,TPS65941212&1111's register configuration is stored in NVM memory?

    2. I would like to know what the register configuration of these two ICs in factory settings,Is there a configuration table on your side for reference?

    3. If we want to change the register configuration at a later stage, in what way?

    Please reply,thank you.

  • Hi Shuo,

    1. The NVM (implemented physically via EEPROM on this device) stores the initial values for the configurable registers of the part that will be loaded into the device registers at startup. There are additionally some fixed registers in the part that are not configurable, and these values can be found in the datasheet. The intro to chapter 5 of the user's guide below tries to explain this. 

    2. The document you already mentioned, (the user's guide for these specific devices with the J721E), includes detailed NVM register configuration information. Please see Chapter 5 "Static NVM Settings"

    So this includes the NVM configuration for these specific variants of TPS6594 in the tables that follow it, e.g. the BUCK configuration registers etc, all through chapter 5. 

    3. Each of the following sections within chapter 5 explains what settings can be changed after device startup and which cannot. E.g. the section 5.3 BUCK settings mentions that the Buck settings can be changed through I2C after startup, but section 5.2 Device Identification Settings notes that those settings cannot be changed after startup.

    I hope that this helps!