TPS4H160-Q1: Design Review -Automotive application

Part Number: TPS4H160-Q1


Hi team,

For automotive Applications, the 4LEDs animation , we choose TPS4H160 IC, please review the Design,

For the inputs, 4 different PWM signals given (Frequency=240Hz, duty cycle range - 4%  to 100%).

Output side 4 LEDs (Forward current =350 mA/per unit LED).

Review this design and give any suggestion to correct it.

thanks in advance.

  • Hello,

    A few notes/concerns on the schematic:

    • Is this for an automotive application? TI high-side switches are generally for 12V applications. 4V is the minimum the devices can be used at, but the devices are not really designed to be used at 4V nominal.
    • It does not appear like you have reverse current blocking. Please refer to Reverse-Current Protection in the datasheet.
    • The 4% duty cycle at 240Hz might be an issue as the slew rate of the device would likely not be able to turn on/off fast enough. Refer to the switching characteristics in the datasheet for details.
    • You are missing the bypass capacitors on supply/output which are going to affect EMI performance. The recommended component set is: