TPS4H160-Q1: Design Review -Automotive application

Part Number: TPS4H160-Q1


Hi team, 

For Automotive Application, I choose the Smart High side switch TPS4H160 IC. 

based on the different PWM signals from MCU(1 to 4) , the LEDs animation created.

So for this I choose the Buck LED driver TPS92205x. 

So can you confirm, shall I do the Design as shown below?.is it works right or wrong.

Please review this and Give Suggestions.

why I choose this Buck LED driver,

I need the Following Specifications,

switching Frequency :2.2MHz

Analog dimming Function must.

Constant Current Must (>3A),

Output voltage of the Buck should accept the Input power of the smart High side Switch.

****suppose the Above Circuit Configuration not possible means.

***Can you please Suggest a BUCK with above mentioned specifications. 

Thanks In advance.

  • Hi Karthikeyan,

    Sorry. I am currently out of office. I will reply to you next Wednesday when I am back to office. Thanks for your understanding.

    Best Regards,


  • Hi Karthikeyan,

    Sorry for the late response.

    You can use TPS92205x in the manner shown in the below picture to switch between different LED loads. You should pay attention to the condition when all the P-FET are in off state, which will create an "LED open load" condition for the TPS92205x.

    Best Regards,