[FAQ] BQ25890H: Differences between BQ25890 and BQ25890H

Part Number: BQ25890H
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The differences on the BQ25890H compared to the BQ25890 are as follows.

  • At startup in charge mode the H version not only does regular D+/D- detection the same as BQ25890, but also allows the host to control D+/D- voltage levels via REG01, thereby allowing negotiations with additional adapter types.
  • On the H version in OTG boost mode the host can enable/disable PFM mode operation via REG0A[3]. 
  • On the H version minimum battery voltage for OTG boost mode operation can be changed from 2.9V max to 2.6V max via REG03[0]. 
  • Beyond register map differences in REG01, REG03, and REG0A all other registers are defined the same on BQ25890 and BQ25890H.