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1)Compering the d/s of the UCC27321 and MICREL,MIC4421A,we found in the d/s that TI device has very low OUTPUT REsistance preformances,which look not realistic:
                                                                         UCC37321                    MIC4421A
    OUT PUT RESISTANCE HIGH                   15ohm                            0.6ohm
    OUT PUT RESISTANCE LOW                    1.1ohm                           0.8ohm
Are these typing mistaks?
2) will we have a 12A device for temp. of above 100C?
Aplication: electric motor contro,with 36pcs/board
  • Eli,


    There is no error in our data sheet. The reason for the difference is that the output section of the UCC27321 is made up of a parallel combination of a bipolar and a MOSFET, we call this TrueDrive. The bipolar does all the heavy work by supplying the gate current especially during the miller region of the MOSFET been driven. The parallel MOSFET ensures that the gate can be pulled close to VDD or GND and so does not need to support large current.


    Looking at the rise and fall times of both parts tells the story. The UCC27321 has a rise/fall time of 70ns/30ns max across it's temperature range. The MIC4421A has 75ns/75ns max at 25C, these times increase with temperature. Both are measured with a capacitance of 10nF.


    We do not have a 12A driver in our portfolio.