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Error in LMR10510 Datasheet?

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Hi There!

Either I am missing something completely obvious or there is an error in the LMR10510 datasheet (

Page 12 explains that the output voltage is set using R1 and R2 resistor network and is dictated by the formula:

R1 = ( (Vo/Vref) -1)*R2; where Vref = 0.60V

I have verified that this formula is likely correct since the circuits in Application Note/Demo Board schematics ( uses this correctly and the components check out.

However, Page 15, Design Example 2, Vin = 5V, Vo = 3.3V @ 1.0 A. (and for that matter Example 3) lists R1 = 45.3K and R2 = 100K. This is incorrect as it does not result in 3.3V as per the formula. 

Could someone please confirm that the value R1 = 45.3K is incorrect? For R2=100K, it should be R1=450K.



EDIT: Looking at SMD resistors, it appears I cannot buy a 45K resistor from Digikey/Mouser. However 45.3K is available, which explains why the design mentions 45.3K. It is my understanding now that the mistake is that R2 should be 10K and NOT 100K. With R1 = 45.3K and R2 = 10K, Vout = 3.318V (0.018V more, but within tolerances for most applications).