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bq500211 automatic program MSP430G2001

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Hi Sir

i found bq500211 cannot automatic program MSP430G2001, it cause power consumption keep around 50mA and LED wouldn't work.

i try to swap MSP430 from TI EVM sample and customer board.

the MSP430 work well.

could you let me know how to let BQ500211(from website apply sample) auto progeam MSP430?

the link figure is cannot automatic program sample

the link figure is can automatic program sample


  • The bq500211 will automatically program the MSP430G2001 at power up.  You should compare the customer’s board schematic and BOM with TI EVM schematic and BOM is bq500211EVM-045 User’s Guide.

  • I am looking at a similar issue with the bq500210 and MSP430G2000.

    The reference schematic for the BQ500210 shows a 1.0 uF value for the reset cap on the MSP430G2xxx, however in slua635.pdf the guide on debugging problems, it states:

    "MSP430G2xxx Low Power Supervisor RST cap value 1nF? The optional MSP430 can not be programmed by the user. It is automatically boot-loaded by the bq500xx at first power up. The wrong value of capacitor will low-pass filter the serial data stream from the bq500xx and possibly corrupt the upload process."

    I have tried both the 1.0 uF and 1.0 nF caps and am not able to get the MSP430G2000 to boot (looking at the LEDs and the BQ500210).   Looks like my next step is to remove the MSP430G2000 off the board and toss in the trash.   Unfortunately this takes me back to the undocumented BQ500210 mode without the power management - little guidance is given on what to do with the unused pins.