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TPS65090 datasheet and availability

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I have a requirement for a power system that recharges a dual cell li-ion (or li-poly) pack with power path management and produces outputs at:

  • 3.3V at 500mA - to an ARM SoM
  • 3.3V at 100mA - switchable - to GPS and WiFi arrays
  • 5V at 2.4 Amps - switchable - to sensor array
  • 12V at 240mA - switchable - to sensor array (I can feed a 5V/3.3V output to a boot converter for this).

I can likely control all load switches from a small microcontroller so the ARM SoM could be switchable too. But given the high current of the 5V line, it would be unfeasable that system charging would involve suppling charge current and the the 5V line simultaneously.

Although the TPS65090 looks a little complex, it also looks like it fills all the requirements in one package. I realise this is a new part but is there a datasheet available? Or is it not shipping yet?

If not shipping, would there be a similar part? I'm happy to do it seperately - eg: bq24160 (or its 2 cell equivalent) followed by the requisite buck converters and load switches. But I'd also be happy to be lazy and do it all in one part!

Thanks, Conor.


  • The TPS65090 will likely be a good fit. The part will be made orderable and the datasheet will be on the web within the next few weeks. Does that fit your design schedule?

    If not, the BQ24171 is also a good multi-cell charger/power-path management device.

  • Thanks Daniel. It's not a rush as the project power supply is only in initial design phases. It'll be quite a few months yet! The BQ24171 looks good to start exploring with - there will be a certain requirement for charging from car battery, although I could put in a buck converter previous to the charging stage. Cheers...