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Many mistakes on data sheet of LM2735-q1

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Although it is not my work to review the data sheet of TI-components and it is not my aim to get more points by writing unnecessary stuffs.

but one my college is not happy with so many mistakes on data sheet of LM2735-Q1 e.g.

-figure 24: correct values Co =10uF and L0=5uH (compare to figure 23)

-external pole and zero due to C3 (it is written Cf, perhaps it means due to feed forward capacitor).

-equation 11: Cf should be replaced by C3

-equation 15: The lower resistor of feedback voltage divider (R1) plays no role to transfer function, because it's voltage is fixed to virtual ground (simple superposition of Vout and Vref and calculate dVcom/dVout with Vref = 1.255V =constant)

Therefore R1IIR2 should be replaced by R2

to details refer the book written by Mr. bosso christophe (page 335-336)

-equation 41 : replace last x by =




  • Hello Bishnu,

    Thank you for your input. Many LMxxxx data sheets were updated recently to comply with TI formating conventions. Thank you for spotting some subtle errors that were missed. We will correct soon and update the posted data sheet.

    Alan Martin