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bq24152: Difference with bq24150A?

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SLUU321C bq24150/150A/151/151A/152 YFF EVM (HPA256) is a single document applies to all the five ICs, and from the document it appears that the five ICs are pin-to-pin compatible.

The web comparison are almost identical. Although the form above does not mark BQ24152 as "Switch-Mode", its datasheet SLUS847A says otherwise.

Between bq24151A and bq24150A, the difference is documented in page 17 of SLUS931A in section "USB Friendly Boot-Up Sequence". However no comparison between 152 and 150x/151x is given.

What is the difference between bq24152 and bq24150/150A/151/151A?


In addition, what does the suffix "A" in bq24150/150A/151/151A denote? Does it mean "automotive" grade?



  • Hi Paul,

    The main difference between bq24152 and bq24150/250S/151/151A is the battery detection at power up. As shown in Figure 7’s (page 8) in datasheet of 24152, 24150/24151, and 25150A/24151A respectively.

    bq24152 has the ability to start the system without battery in present. As stated in bq24152 datasheet page 18, at VBUS power up, without the battery in present, bq24152 charges the capacitor in short circuit mode ( VAUXPWR< VSHORT) OR PWM mode (when VAUXPWR>VSHORT). When the CSOUT pin voltage reaches the default regulation voltage, which is 3.45V, the voltage stays constant until the 32-minute timer expires or the host takes control through I2C.

    Meanwhile, at power up, bq24150 and 24151A have a unique battery detection scheme. When VBUS is powered up and the timer is in 32-minute mode, the two devices will exit from short circuit mode to PWM charge mode and start a 32ms timer at the same time. The device determines there is no battery when the 32ms timer is not expired and the battery voltage is charged to the recharge threshold. The charging then enters the high impedance mode. On the other hand, the 32ms timer is expired when the recharge threshold is reached, normal battery charging process continues.

    The suffix "A" for this group stands for the updated version from the original non-A version. 




  • Jing,

    I have read the respective pages in the two datasheets you referred.

    Thanks for this very detailed answer!