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UCD9244 with 4x CSD95372AQ5M simulating in Fusion Digital Power Designer

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I am planning a design based on UCD9244 controller along with the CSD95372AQ5M NexFET power stage, similar to PMP6000.1, although with four rails and one phase each vs two rails and two phases each and with the CSD95372AQ5M instead of the CSD96370Q5M as I need the higher power.

I'm trying build the circuit in Fusion Digital Power Designer but there is no option for this parts. I guess I should use the discrete mode and add the parts by myself and create a custom driver, but I would like a little guidance on this, as the datasheet of the CSD95372AQ5M isn't very clear on many of the required options. 

Also are there any plans on releasing the PMP6000.1 project files? That would also help a lot.

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  • Hello

    I've a similar issue. But instead I want to combine the UCD9246 with the CSD95372AQ5M NexFET power stage and run it with 3 rails and 2x2 plus 1 phases.

    It would be really helpful to get the device in the Fusion Digital Power Designer library (and others from TI too ...).

    Did you get any guidance on this issue yet?



  • Hello,

    no I sadly didn't get any reply from TI. Would really like to use the devices, but I need some sort of simulation before going for a prototype board. 

    I tried adding the chips manually to the database but the datasheets do not contain enough data for adding it.

    It would be really helpful if TI could add them to the Fusion Digital Power Designer library, as they are more or less useless for me without it.