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after some findings, i am planning to purchase the TPS54618EVM-606 for a project that we are currently testing.

our project is to produce a circuit that can variably change the power (watt) of the output that will be used to heat a coil, up to 20W by adjusting the output voltage.

from what i've gone through on the capabilities of the TPS54618-Q1 concerning with the circuit that we want to build:

  1. input supply from 3.7V battery
  2. output watt up to 27W
  3. variable output watt between 4.8W - 27W
  4. output voltage can be changed between 0.8V to 4.5V
  5. to use DAC (from other circuit) connected to Vsense to change the output voltage

we already have a semi-working prototype of the final circuit we want to produce, but it is really interesting to see that this TPS54618-Q1 is able to gives an integrated solution in a single chip.

my question, is this possible?

Please help, thank you!

  • I don't think TPS54618 will work for your application.  TPS54618 is a buck converter.  It will generate a lower output voltage from a higher input voltage.  You will need to look for a buck-boost converter.  Maybe someone will have a suggestion for you.  I tried  Webench, but was not successful.

  • Hi,

    thank you very much for the response, really appreciate it since i'm this close to purchase it.

    however i still see some chance to use it.

    - use a DC boost converter to input supply from 3.7 battery and increase it to 5V.

    - use the 5V to supply the TPS54618, and control the output between 0V to 5V.

    - use current booster circuit to draw current from the battery.

    Appreciate your help regarding this, thanks.