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BQ500412EVM-584 availability

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This is Víctor Mayoral, a researcher at the center for Micro BioRobotics at the Italian Institute of Technology.

We are working in a project and we'd like to evaluate the new BQ500412EVM-584. We see that the part is marked as active but no link/distributors are provided. Is it possible to access this part?


  • Greetings,

    My name is Risto Kojcev and I am also very interested in evaluating the new BQ500412EVM-584. As Victor mentioned the product is set to active but there is no possibility to purchase it.

    I would be very happy if you can let me know if it is possible and how to order this evaluation board?



  • We should have this fixed in a few days and the bq500412EVM-584 can be ordered through the TI eStore. 

    But bq500412 is a cost reduced version of the bq500410A.  If you are evaluating wireless power transfer the older 410A has many of the same features. 

  • Dear Bill,

    Thank you very much for your help and answer.

    I am interested about this component due to its reduced cost components, which will help us from the very beginning to aim for a low cost design and because it has couple of new features compared to the BQ500410A.

    The ideal goal is to have 1:1 Input/Output voltage (example 5V input, 5V output is perfect) of the transmitter station and the end goal is to be used for charging Lithium-ion battery.

    Sorry about the off topic questions, but since I am new in the wireless power design, I would like to ask you if its possible shortly to elaborate and suggest one of the single coils wireless transmitters. I was looking at 

    EVM for BQ500210 which seems to be older version and its newer versions BQ500211EVM-045 and BQ500212AEVM-550. 

    The difference between BQ500211 and BQ500212 seems to be very minimal. Can you please let me know opinion and suggestion which EVM would be better suited for a single coil evaluation?

    Thank you very much for your help and effort.

    Best regards,



  • Hello Risto

    Below is a quick rundown of the EVM.

    The WPC 1.0 units cannot be certified any longer, only WPC 1.1.

    Single coil vs three coil—single coil is lower cost but smaller charging area. Single coil area is about 20mm and three coil is about 20mm X 70mm.

    New units:

    Bq500212AEVM-550 --- 5V single coil  --Cost reduced version of bq500211A

    Bq500412EVM-584—12V three coil  --Cost reduced version of bq500410A


    Older but active (WPC 1.1):

    Bq500211AEVM-210 – 5V single coil 

    Bq500410AEVM-085 – 12V three coil


    Older but WPC 1.0:

    Bq500211EVM-045 – 5V single coil 

    Bq500210EVM-689 – 19V single coil

  • Hello Bill,

    Thanks a lot for your help, overview of the available EVMs and the wonderful explanation. This will definately help us select the right evaluation modules.

    Best regards,


  • Hi Bill,

    Do you have any approximations when bq500412EVM-584 will be available for an order through the TI eStore?


    Looking forward to evaluate this product.


    Best regards,


  • The bq500412EVM-584 evaluation module is now available in TI eStore.

    Go to eStore page and search “bq500412”.