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CSD16340Q3 different top marking?

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I've bought some CSD16340Q3 with two dfferent kinds of top marking.



TI 17E


Is it OK? or one of them is fake?


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  • The second is definitely correct. The first may also be correct but may be from before 2011 before we had converted everything to the TI format. 

  • I noticed that the version info of the datasheet is SLPS247D – DECEMBER 2009 – REVISED NOVEMBER 2011.

    So Before 2011 and after 2011(TI version), their electrical features are all the same, is it right or not?

    We have encoutered some problem, these two version MOSFET have a little difference.

    Same PCB, Buck controller(not TI product, sorry), and other R, L, C components,
    but the board with  Before 2011 version CSD16340Q3 is unstable sometime.
    2 CSD16340Q3 are used at High side, and other 2 are at Low side.
    We decrease the bootstrap capacitor voltage down from 4.5V to 4V, then it become stable.
    Although we need to do more test, just wonder why decreasing the driver voltage will take effect, 
    Decreasing the driver voltage will make td(on) tr td(off) tf a little longer?




  • for CSD16340Q3 , Vgs =4.5V or 4V, tr tf, Rds(on) are almost the same.

    We've captured the undershoot voltage waveforms at flying gate driver GND.
    seems the old one's body diode has longer forward recover time. 
    Then the undershoot voltage will be larger, and finally will cause high side gate driver latch up problem.
    Use bigger Vfwd diode will decrease the Bootstarp capacitor voltage, somehow make latchup problem less.

    Perhaps the old one I've bought is not TI original.