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REG71055 Vout

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Let me ask you a question about REG71055.

Output voltage = 5.2 to 5.8V is written on datasheet P3 ,however a customer needs a voltage higher than 5.34V.They is using Vin = 3.3V , CPUMP = 0.22V/25V XR6 ceramic , COUT = 10uF/16V XR6 ceramic

・Vout distribution document

 Is there a Vout distribution document ?

・Vout variability factor

Is there a Vout variability except  itself ? I assume they would like to check if we can get higher Vout by adjustment C or R .

・Secreening Test

Would it be possible to tell us if you can make special screening limit for customer such as min Vout 5.34V ?


I am looking forward to your reply.

Best regards.


  • No, there is no way to tighten the spec of the REG710.  Why don't you use a low power boost converter, like TPS61220?  It has much lower Iq which means much better efficiency, while still offering small size and low cost.

  • Hello,Mr.Glaser

    Thank you for quick reply.

    I understood that tightening the spec of the REG71055 is impossible.

    I already introduced TPS61220 to customers and their respose is good.


    Still , they are caring about REG70155.

    Could you tell me whether there are documents about Vout (dispersion,dispersion )of REG71055?

    In the case of using REG70155 for a long time ,which direction(+ or -) does Vout drift vary ?


    Best regards



  • Hi,

    The output voltage will be within the D/S range and is influenced mainly by process variation. Therefore, there is no way to predict the Vout variation, but it will remain within the D/S specified range.