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bq27501 Measurement of Current Negative

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I have recently gone through an entire bqEasy calibration process to produce a .dfi file that I am happy with as it works on a bq27501 EVM.  I then used FlashStream.exe to create .bqfs and .dffs files from the original .senc file of the bq27501 as well as the .dfi file. Finally, I used the bq27500_flash_update_gui found in the flashstream bundle to flash the .bqfs file to our system. 

My issue is that everything seems to be in order except for one very important detail. Charging the battery corresponds to a negative current reading (and hence a decrease in the value for State of Charge %), while discharging the battery corresponds to a positive current reading (and hence an increase in the value for State of Charge %). All of the other measurements provided by the gauge seem to be working just fine, it is just the current readings, and hence state of charge, that is behaving strangely. Even the magnitude of the measurement for current is correct, just the sign is wrong.

Because this is a multi-tool process any insight on where to start looking for a solution would be helpful. 

I have already tried rerunning the FlashStream program to create new .dffs and .bqfs files and reflashed the .bqfs to the gauge to no avail. I would be inclined to believe that the .dfi file is incorrect, but that same file running on the EVM produces the correct results.


  • Hello Scott,

    Can you provide the files (*.dfi, *.bqfs, *.dffs, *.senc) that you are using?  Also, can you share the schematic of your system?

  • Jared,

    I have attached all of the requested items, with the extensions changed to allow uploading. The gauge is in the lower right corner of the schematic, labeled IC1.

    Thank you for your interest.