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Power supervision?

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TPS386000, TPS75105


I am designing a small board where I require several power supplies to be monitored. They are 1.8VDC, 3.3VDC, 5VDC, 9VDC, 12VDC and 24VDC. I don't mind if I need two separate IC's to accommodate the supervision of all the voltages.

In this board, if all the voltages are available, an output will provide a high signal which is used to turn on a led. If any of these voltages are missing, the output will provide a low, hence turning off the led. At the same time, the output should be able to flash by a logic 1 signal coming from an MCU. The flashing output sequence should only be allowed to be done when all voltages are available.

Can someone suggest a supervisory voltages IC with the following specs:

- Monitoring capabilities for the 3 voltages listed above

- The output should be able to drive a 30-40 ma load, (ex: 3 LEDS)

- The IC should provide an input to turn on and off the output when all voltages are available 

- Must be available in PDIO and TQFP or other surface mount package

- Must operate with a 5 VDC power supply

I looked a TPS3510P, and it seems pretty close t what I need except that it only does three of the six voltages that is required.


  • Hi RR,

    Take a look at TPS386000 and TPS386596L33.  These are both quad SVS devices that you can set the rail to be monitored via external resistors. Both devices have /MR pins.  Both devices are available in surface mount packages and can be run off a 5V rail.

    SVS devices are typically not designed to drive that amount of current.  5mA is a typical absolute maximum on SVS devices.  You could tie the /RESET signal to the enable pins of TPS75105.

    Very Respectfully,