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Using a different sized battery on the Fuel Tank Booster Pack

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Is there any danger of using a higher capacity battery (same voltage) on the Fuel Tank BoosterPack (BOOSTXL-BATTPACK)? The BoosterPack currently ships with a 1200 mAH battery.

I'm trying to run through the documentation for the Fuel Gauge and the Battery Charger, but I haven't found anything specifically linked to battery capacity. I'm new to the topic (Battery Management et al), directions to the links to the appropriate Wiki's/Documentation would be really appreciated.

  • There is no danger using a higher capacity battery but the charger's safety timer may time out if the capacity is significantly larger.  The industry standard is to charge a battery at its "1C" rate, which is its capacity.  An ideal (meaning 0 internal impedance) 1-AHr battery charging at a constant current rate of 1-A would charge in 1 Hour.  Because of the internal impedance, a LiIon battery switches from constant current charging to constant voltage charging to allow the battery cell to eventually reach the regulation voltage (typically 4.2V) as the charging current tapers down.  A rule of thumb is charge time = ( battery capacity / constant current charge ) x 1.5.

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