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TPS6300x inductor selection

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TPS63001, TPS63002Hi Community,

i try to build a LiLon battery powered gadget.
its the first time i have to design buck/boost circuits - so much things to learn..
i have chosen the TPS63001 and TPS63002 for the buck/boost conversion of the battery voltage.
these are used in the Fuel Tank BoosterPack

i learned that if i use the right battery charger with powerpath function my Sys voltage will be never higher than the battery final voltage (4.2V)

i have setup a spreadsheet to calculate the values for the inductors
(a pdf is attached - i cant upload two documents..
i like to share the original OpenOffice Calc document- just ask and i will upload it)

with this i get
TPS63001 (3.3V) --> 2.2uH and 1.65A
TPS63001 (5.0V) --> 3.33uH and 2.5A

so i looked at Coilcraft website for the right inductor.
in the datasheet is as tested/recommend series LPS4012 mentioned.
i looked at the slightly bigger LPS4018 series (space is no problem):

But for the TPS63002 (5.0V) a LPS4018-332MR_ only has a Isat of 2A
so i think this one is to 'small'

the Webbench tool suggested a MSS7341-332NLB L= 3.3 μH DCR= 14.0 mOhm part - this has a Isat of 3.7A

so can i use this for both 3.3V and 5.0V?
i want to use as few different parts as possible..
or is there a other series from Coilcraft you can suggest?
space is not a problem - its a prototype / art project so all things will be hand soldered..
and so 'bigger' packages are easier to handle...
so i also would like to have a inductor from the same series for my charger...
that needs a 1uH coil. - and that value is not present in the MSS7341 series-
i would like to only use one series... (thats easier with the footprints..)

ok - i know that are very special wishes ;-)
i hope someone can help me with this...

sunny greetings