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Inquiry regarding maximum output current on UCC27325

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Hello, all

Now we have one inquiry regarding maximum output current on UCC27325 from our customer.

Please refer to the item below, and feedback us with your comment.

When referring ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS on datasheet page 3, the Maximum Output current (OUTA, OUTB) is defined as 4.5A on Pulsed (0.5 μs).

However, we could not find out any other information on the datasheet. 

We would appreciate if you could disclose some characteristics (we would prefer graph) which describes output current vs pulse.

We thank you in advance for your information.

Best regards,

  • Hi,

    Unfortunately we do not have this information available, the peak currrent rating is provided to give some guidance to the performance when charging the gate capacitance of a Mosfet as it transitions through the miller region.


  • Hello, thank you for your reply.

    With regard to this device, please let us clarify whether this could handle the following load or not.

    VOUTA=15.0V IOUTA=2.0A and VOUTB=15.0V IOUTB=2.0A at sametime

    Switching Frequency for all internal MOSFET is 1kHz

    We thank you once again for your information.

    Best regards,


  • Hello, 

    With regard to the additional inquiry above, we have actual scope of output voltage and current per one cycle.

    This continues every cycle on 1kHz switching.

    Please let us clarify whether this acceptable for this device.

    We thank you once again for your information.

    Best regards,

  • Hi Atsushi-san,

    The device is capable of 4A peak and the waveform is 3.4A so that is ok. The other aspect is that the switching frequency is low at 1kHz so the thermal stress should be low as well, but we should advise the customer to check the driver IC case temperature under worst case conditions as a precaution.