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Using Fusion Digital Power Designer with LM25056 System Power Measurement IC

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Hello everyone,

as I am trying to use the Fusion Digital Power Designer for power measurements (Voltage and current). It is planned to use a UCD9240 or UCD9222 as management IC and two or four PTD08A006W power modules connected, as those are compatible with Fusion Digital Power Designer. In the latter case each power branch can be sourced by one of the four PTD08A006W (1V and three times 3.3V) modules. As four modules require much space on a PCB board, I thought about using only two PTD08A006W (1V and 3.3V) modules and put three LM25056 power measurement circuits for the remaining 3.3V power branches.

Now I would like to know whether it is possible to configure and use the LM25056 over PMBus in the Fusion Digital Power Designer for measurement purposes?

For the LM25056 an PMBManager application was available, but I wasn't able to find it. Is there a new Version that would allow power measurements?


Thanks in advance


best regards

  • Unfortunately, the Fusion Digital Power Designer does not support the LM25056 at this time and I know of no plans to add it.

    It appears that the PMBManager is included on a CD with the LM25056 EVM (typically SW is a download now rather than a CD these days).

    I'll forward this post over to the forum that handles the LM25056 to see if they can provide you with the download (this is the correct forum location for the UCD products).

    You could look at the UCD74106, 6A integrated driver/mosfet, rather than the PTD modules as it would save space and simplify a discrete design on your board.

  • Hi Chris,

    The tool should be listed under the tools and software tab under the product page, but I see it is not:


    I will be working towards fixing that. In the meantime, all of our latest collateral can be found at


    For the LM25056 we have the PI-Commander GUI which would be found on the tools and software tab of that website, or here is a direct link:

    Simply download and use PI-Commander with the included FT-2232H from the EVM and let me know if you have any questions.




  • Alex, I have the LM25056 Evaluation Board, but unfortunately the PMBManager-x software that is required to do the evaluation is no where to be found in the device tool folder or the site. Any suggestions of how we may be able to get the
    application file?
  • Hi Steve,

    I am sorry to hear you have had trouble finding our tool. We are working to fix these issues on the web to make it easier to find.

    The PMBManager is our previous gen tool. The latest tool for PMBus hot swap is called "PI-Commander GUI" and can be found on this link:

    It is compatible with the LM25056 EVM and included USB FT2232H dongle (as well as the non-included Total Phase Aardvark Host Adapter, should you have it).

    We are working towards fixing each product folder to fan out the appropriate content; but in the meantime, contains the latest information including newest products, tools and app-notes


    P.S. Welcome to the E2E Community! We appreciate your participation and choice to evaluate our products. We hope you continue to remain active on the forum and use it to seek answers for your technical questions.