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BQ24260 No battery condition problem

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I am using BQ24260 for one of my device must work even without the battery(adapter only).

currently when no battery is connected, and while doing D+ D- checking,Vsys voltage is droping to less than 2v

this is causing to reset the there any way to solve this?


  • A quick response will be helpfull, as this project is in an urgent state.thanks
  • It appears that your input current limit is set to 100mA and thus limiting your output power to SYS. Can you short D+/D- and force higher input current limit?
  • Hi Jeff,

    Thanks  for  the response. I tried shorting the D+/D- and set input current limit to 2500mA, the load at  Vsys output is taking 200mA and when I am doing D+/D- detect Voltage at Vsys is droping below 2V. So I used BQ24260EVM board with a rheostat connected at Vsys output with no battery connected. I powered up the EVM board with 5V,3000mA charger and I ensured  that D+/D- is shorted and I connected EVM board to PC using USB interface adapter (GPIO to USB converter). using BQ24260EVM application from the system i set input current limit to 2500mA and Adjusted rheostat load so that its taking 200 mA .Then also when i am doing Force D+/D- detection using  BQ24260EVM application from the system,  voltage is droping to lessthan 2V on Vsys for around 70 ms.This glitch will reset my micro controller. Is there any way to avoid this problem.


  • When forcing D+/D- read, the IC lowers ILIM to 100mA for up to 100ms during the detection algorithm. One way to prevent SYS droop below your minimum acceptable level when no battery is attached is to increase the capacitance on SYS to provide the current during this period.
  • In that case,the value of capacitance is calculated using the equation C=it/ΔV , where i is 200mA (sys current) ,t is 100ms(time duration) and  ΔV is 800mV(voltage drop).

    the value of capacitance will be 25mF.which is not practical in our case,so is there any other way to solve this problem.