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Are 200A Id values real for a CSD18535KCS?

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I'm building a simple switch for a 130A DC motor (locked rotor amps) and have purchased some NexFET power transistors (CSD18535KCS). I chose these for the low Rds value and high current. The Datasheet claims these transistors can work up to 200A (Id current)

My motor typically draws 65A under normal operating conditions but just to be safe and not melt these things, i'm paralleling 3-4 of these transistors together.

Question? I can only rely on the datasheet but in looking the terminal sizes, can they really work up to 200A? Seems a stretch.

  • Kris,
    MOSFET datasheet ratings are a bit of a tricky business.

    The 200A rating on this datasheet implies that the package connections can handle up to 200A for long term reliability. However, whether the part can handle this much current thermally is a different story entirely, and depends on how you are heat sinking the TO-220. If you can hold the case of the part to under 100 degrees or so (based on Figure 10), then yes, this part can handle up to 200A before the silicon reaches its maximum temperature of 175deg.

    Also, keep in mind all datasheet ratings assume continuous operation. If there are switching losses to account for, the current the part can handle will decrease.

    I would refer you to a blog I wrote on this for a more in depth explanation.