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      We have designed the TMS320C6678 board  by using of  UCD9244 with UCD7242 for deriving 8 voltage outputs.  The board has been fabricated and tested without any issue. Also we are using the board for development purpose for more than 3 months without any issue.   All of sudden , one UCD7242 which produces 3.3V & 1.8V is not working. We just re-programmed and changed the new IC . It didn't help.  We have supplied external 1.8V & 3.3V from outside power supply to rule out board components issue on 1.8V & 3.3V voltage rail. The board is working under this condition.

  The other UCD7242 with UCD9244 which produces 1.2V & 3.3V is working without any issue till now. 

Also one more board with proper heat sink mounted which went for 55'C high temperature test  . The same power driver which produces 3.3V & 1.8V is not working .We have supplied external 1.8V & 3.3V from outside power supply to rule out board components issue on 1.8V & 3.3V voltage rail. The board is working under this condition.  

        I have attached the Fusion GUI Screen shots for all power rails with this post.

   Please suggest me what can be the cause.





  • Throughout the document I see lots of OT faults, with a few OV/UV/FLT faults. FLT can be generated due to OC and OT. It is not clear which faults are logged long ago, and which are related to the recent problem. So please go to page 3 of the doc file, click the Clear Faults and Clear Logged Faults buttons, then test the board again. When the problem happens, go to Monitor and Status pages to see which faults are logged.
  • Hi,

         There is no issue with the PWM controller & power driver which generates the DSP core voltage CVDD (RAIL-1D)(works on smart reflex) so far.

     We are facing  issue with the PWM controller and Driver which generates the IO voltage (3.3V,2.5V,1.8V & 1.2V  -RAIL-2D) independent of smart reflex . The current consumption on all  IO rails are less than 4A.  We have replaced the  new PWM controller and Power driver  . We programmed the new PWM controller and tested . It didn't work.

      As per the suggestion,we haUCD9244-updated.docve cleared the faults  and captured the  Monitor and Status page  after rebooted the board  . The capture is attached for your reference.

       Please let me know what can be the issue.




  • The GUI shows OT faults for many rails and one UV fault. The FLT fault can be also resulted from OT fault. You may check if OT thresholds are properly set and if so, the voltage level of the temperature sensing pins. For the UV fault, you may check if the UV threshold is properly set, and if so, if the rail regulation is stable, and if there was a large load transient that triggered the UV fault.
  • Hi ,

    Can you please guide me how to set the OT threshold in Fusion design  with some example.  I have set in Fusion design "ignore on  Faults" .  Also please guide me on Voltage level of temp sensing pins . Are you talking about 0005.SCHEMATICS.pdf . We have 10nf  capacitor connected to GND .  Please guide me to set UV threshold in Fusion.

       Please find attached PWM +Power driver schematics other than CVDD . We are facing issue in Rail 3 (1.8V) & rail4 (3.3V).



  • Hi,

    We are facing the same issue (1.8V and 3.3V ) in two more different types of boards. Please let me know your feedback on my earlier post dated 30-Dec-15

  • The OT threshold can be configured under Iout,Vin,Temp Config tab.

    The OT calibration can be configured under Other Config tab.