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TPS62153 output resistive divider value?

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In the data sheet, page 9, section 8.3.1, it says : "the internal resistive divider pulls down the output voltage smoothly".  I need more info on the divider because I want to drive a 5V rail with two mutually exclusive sources, the TPS62153 and another.  When one will be on, the other will be off.  I need to know how much current will be drained by putting an external 5V on the output of the TPS62153, because it will come from a battery.

The second source is TPS61256, with a complete disconnect when disable, so this won't be a problem.


  • Welcome to the forums. I retitled your post to begin with the part number.

    The internal divider only pulls a few uA. A major point of using an internal one is that it can be made higher impedance compared to an external divider since it is more noise immune by being internal.

    The other leakage path is back to the input through the high side MOSFET body diode. If there is no Vin present, this will conduct current and power whatever is on the input bus. Usually, a diode is added on the output to block all these paths.
  • Ok, I think the additional diode is a small price to pay to make the circuit work. I will try it. Thanks.