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Is there a TPS61150A up to 33V?

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: LM3532, TPS61150

CC LED driver, can you help me find the right TI part?

  • Integrated boost converter to provide enough voltage for 10 LEDs in series per channel (33V+).
  • Needs to power two strings of LED colors (with different voltage drops 2V/3.3V and different current settings). So there needs to be two set resistors to adjust current for each string.
  • This also requires two different enable/PWM pins because only one color will be on at a time.
  • analog or PWM dimming would be nice but not a must.
  • smallest package available (except BGA). Ideally some kind of QFN.


TPS61150A would be perfect if it could handle more LEDs (higher boost voltage). Is there something similar with a higher output voltage? Something like LT3466?

Thank you!

  • You might try the LP8860-Q1 , it is 4 channels instead of 2.

    Better yet, the TPS61163A  , 2 channels, up to 10 LEDs.

    Finally, in PREVIEW, is the LM36922H .

  • Unfortunately this is the only plastic packaged device with the dual PWM controls.  There is the LM3532 which has 2x PWM's, but is in a chip scale package and requires I2C.  The other possibility is to add an extra diode + capacitor boost circuit to the switching node of the device.  See the link to a similar ti design which uses this type boost.

    The main things to pay attention to are:

    the component placement of extra diodes and caps which have to be tightly placed next to the SW node and the output cap.  The edge rate of the voltages and currents can cause issues if the PCB inductances are too large.

    Also,the inductor peak current for the TPS61150 is 0.75A (min).  Make sure the current limit can support the higher output power.