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TPS43061 and CSD16340Q3

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Dear Sir or Madam.

We are going to use boost controller TPS43061 and MOSFET CSD16340Q3 in battery charger. In this application this controller will work at different input and output conditions and we would like to simulate it. Is it possible to get unencrypted model for these parts? As we are using SIMPLIS simulator for frequency respond analysis, we would like to create our own model of TPS43061 and we need some information which can not be found in Datasheet:

-       Gain of Sense Signal Amplifier:

-       Slope Compensation Signal parameters.

Also, TPS43061 Datasheet says, that it is optimized for low Qg , but the Datasheet does not have any current limit for gate drive. We tested this IC with MOSFETs which have Qg=63nC (max) and Ciss=10000pF (max). Peak Drive current for this MOSFETs was +-1.5A for Low and +-1A for High MOSFET. We could not see any problem for these conditions (in terms of functionality , components stress and temperature). Do you think it will not create any problem for TPS43061?



  • Hello,

    There is a excel caculation tool available at below link for loop calculation.

    Regarding the concern on the gate drive, TPS43061 integates boot diode. The main concern is the power loss stress on boot diode.
    Also, TPS43061 is with 5.5V gate drive ans it is more suitable for FETs with low Vgs threshold.
    TPS43060 is with 7.5V gate drive and it is more suitable for FETs with high Vgs threshold for low conduction loss.

  • Hello,
    Thank you for reply. Unfortunately your Excel tool does not match with WEBENCH results (see Plus our measurements do not match with Excel tool too. This is WHY we asked you for some information:

    - Gain of Sense Signal Amplifier:

    - Slope Compensation Signal parameters.

    Regarding the concern on the gate drive, we DO understand, that controller internal components can be overstressed, but datasheet does not have a limit for gate drive load. This is WHY we gave you a numerical data of our load in a hope that you can give more specific answer.