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Power switch location for BQ24133

Dear all,

I'm currently designing a 20W portable Bluetooth speaker and I need a help with where to put a power switch for my speaker.

I mostly followed the schematics provided for the portable speaker reference design.

A battery was included in the reference design, but I couldn't find any switches that turned it on and off.

I'm planning to use a tactile switch with some other parts to make it act as a latch. The design can't use SPST or SPDT switches.

I'm assuming the location of the switch is at location that I pointed below. The reference design has 0 ohms there.

Is this right?

  • You question "where to put a power switch for my speaker?"

    Would you tell me do you want to shut down charging and 3.3V regulator at same time or do you want to shut down 3.3V regulator only?

    If you want to turn off both charging and 3.3V regulator, please add a switch between J12 and Q2.

    If you want to turn off 3.3V regulator, please put a switch on your highlight location.

  • Hello Wang,

    Thank you very much for your confirmation.
    As you said, I want to shut down everything except the battery charging part.
    So I will place a switch in the highlighted location.
    And as I mentioned in the main question.
    I need to use a regular off-(on) tactile switch for the power due to the design constraint.
    Do you have any suggestion to the design or any Ti product that makes a tactile switch to act like a latch switch?

    Best Regards,
    - Brian