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LM2735Y-Q1 characteristics

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I would like to confirm the characteristics for LM2735Y-Q1.

Could you please provide the below data? I could find these data for other condition. The customer wants them for the below condition.



Vin = 3.5V,Vout = 6V

1. Typical Maximum Output Current(A)

2. Efficiency VS Load Current(Output Load=0.01(A)~1(A))

3. Output Voltage Load Regulation(Output Load = 0~1(A))


Best regards,

Atsushi Yamauchi

  • Hello,
    We cannot accurately spec a maximum output current on the LM2735 because it is a boost regulator. The maximum output current will depend on the Vin to Vout ratio and the chosen inductor. But assuming, a 90% efficiency and a 30% ripple on the inductor current, and for your given conditions, the Iout max can be estimated to be about 0.96A.

    We will send you the remaining details in a couple of days. Thanks for your patience.

  • Dear Akshay-san,

    Thank you for your help for this request.
    I understood the maximum output current.

    How about other issue (2. and 3.)?

    Best reagrds,
    Atsushi Yamauchi
  • Hello,
    I apologize for the delay. Unfortunately, we don't have stocked EVMs for this device and also it's responsibility has moved from SIMPLE SWITCHER to another product line. I am going to send your question in to the Non Isolated DCDC forum. They should be better equipped to help you out.

  • Yamauchi-san,

    We performed the tests you requested on the LM2735YMFEVAL EVM.  Some modifications were made:

    Inductor changed XAL6060-682ME

    Rectifier diode changed to (CMSH2-20L)

    Please note that this EVM was designed using the SOT-23 package device (that was the only version available in our lab).  During testing at high current, the device became hot, and we would recommend using the thermal version of this device with the MSOP-PowerPad or WSON device.

    The efficency results and loard regulation are in the table below. 

    Vin Iin Vout Iout Efficiency
    3.5 0.025 6.006 0.01 68.64
    3.5 0.192 5.999 0.1 89.27
    3.5 0.383 5.99 0.2 89.37
    3.5 0.577 5.981 0.3 88.85
    3.5 0.778 5.972 0.4 87.73
    3.5 0.988 5.961 0.5 86.19
    3.5 1.205 5.951 0.6 84.66
    3.5 1.431 5.941 0.7 83.03
    3.5 1.674 5.929 0.8 80.96
    3.5 1.935 5.917 0.9 78.63
    3.5 2.234 5.9 1 75.46

    Let us know if you need anything further.