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Problem in working with Bq24170

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: CSD15571Q2


I followed the sluu463 EVM schematic for the battery charging IC, I changed the some of the components in the schematic as I don't have that  components right now, the changed components are as follows

Q2,Q3= CSD15571Q2



R2,R15= Replaced with short

I checked the status pin,it is showing always 3.6V, I'm not able to understand what is the problem in the circuit. Except the above changes everything is same I followed. Please someone help me to find out the mistake.

  • Hi Noel,

    When the STAT pin is always high (3.6V), this indicates that the charger is either in sleep mode (Vbat > VCC - ~0.2V), or that charge is complete. Since you shorted R15, I am guessing that the charger believes that charge is complete. 

    R15 is used to set the charge current in the circuit, as well as in the charge current regulation loop. The charger will read 20*the voltage across R15 and compare that to the ISET voltage, and manipulate the converter gate drives from there. Right now it looks like the charger reads 0 voltage drop from SRP to SRN, and "thinks" that charge is complete.

    Try placing a sense resistor there, and it should work.