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LP8501 double

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Dear all.

Our customer uses two LP8501's.
Is it possible to share I2C port using EN pin?


  • Hi PAN-M,

    It might not be a good idea using EN pin for that purpose. Every time when EN is pull high, it will go through whole startup sequence. Using a I2C mux like TCA9543A will be a better idea.

    H L

  • Are you trying to have two LP8501 at the same address? Or? It's possible to 'fake' the I2C address select lines, for example, using a GPIO from one LP8501 to dynamically change the address of the other LP8501...

    If the internal Chip enable is low, and the external EN is high, you could probably write to both devices at the same time, but I'm not sure if there would be an ACK problem on I2C... when the Chip enable bit is written 1, the ~500 µs delay is needed for internal analog business to get to a normal state. I don't think that any of the programming or register data is 'corrupted', as this state of EN high and Chip EN low, is a low-power, digital-logic-only mode.

    Any help?? A bit more detail about what you are trying to do would be helpful?