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Automotive buck-boost with 3V-14Vin

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Could you please let us know your recomendation for following DCDC requirement. 


VIN:3V to 14V

Vout:3.3V or 3.7V

Iout:over 1A


Our customer is interested in TPSTPS63070.But this part is non-Q1 only...


  • In the future, please add more details to your post title. There are lots of customers looking for automotive solutions and we have the power quick search at which allows you to filter by automotive. Therefore, the title of your post should state what is unique about your request.

    What is your power source? It does not seem to be the car battery--I have not seen a car battery go this low and not go higher in its voltage.

    Most customers would use a buck converter with 100% mode for those specs. TPS62130A-Q1, TPS62150A-Q1, or TPS62160-Q1 are good choices.
  • Chris-san

    Thank  you for your support.

    Sorry, I will add to more details to my post title. 

    For your question

    In this case ,power source is "Power over coax"

    Application is automotive camera.


  • This is a higher power for a power over coax design.

    I think you have several options:
    Most customers would use one of the devices I mentioned before and accept that Vout would drop a little when Vin is very low.

    You could also increase the voltage at the supply end of the cable by 1V and avoid the need for a buck-boost.

    There may be another rail in the system, such as 1.8V. You could buck down to this and then boost up to 3.3V from the 1.8V rail.

    You could use the TPS61175-Q1 as a SEPIC.