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TPS54260EVM-597: PH=Vmin exceeded on data sheet when in any mode (pulse-skip/DCM/CCM), signal looks clean Vin =12 but Vin=24 (with UVLO update) I see a sawtooh pattern in CCM on the PH pin

Part Number: TPS54260EVM-597

On Data Sheet, absolute max rating:

PH = -2volts, 10-ns Transient

Here are scope screen captures from eval kit (no changes):

 EVAL Kit PH=-3.4v,  Vin=12v, output load 500ma (w/10w power resistor)

Signal looks clean at Vin=12v, except for the undershoot spike that exceeds the data sheet -Vmax value for PH:

Here are scope screen captures from eval kit (Vin max set resistors ):

 EVAL Kit PH=-7.1v (way past abs max value and holds below -2v for 500ns),  Vin=24v, output load 500ma (w/10w power resistor)

Some sort of pseudo-sawtooth pattern (from additional shunt resistance at Vin=24v? / scope probe acting as current probe?):

Is this behavior ok or will both scenarios blow the chip as the data sheet seems to mention?

Ground lead for scope probe was connected directly to filter cap (GND)