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BQ24150A Charging 6Ah battery when Battery voltage far bellow Vshort

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I am working on a device which have to charge about 6Ah battery using BQ24150A.According to the datasheet when the battery voltage < Vshort which is 2.0V untill battery reach 2.0V the Battery will charge by Ishort curret which is typicall 10mA.And this Battery should pass 2.0V within 32 mins according to the datasheet.

considering the worst case scanario calculation, A 6Ah LI-ion battery discharged to 1.5V need about 30mins to charge up to 2.0V (V short) by 5mA (Min. of Ishort) . This is bit marginal and BQ24150A may identified this as a Fault in the battery.

Is there other solution or workarounds for this, either I have to make sure initial conditioning current is at least 50mA. that will make sure fully dead battery will charged to 2V witin about 3mins.

Thanks in Advance.