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TPS73601DRBEVM-518: TPS73601 LDO SOT-23-5

Part Number: TPS73601DRBEVM-518

Hi TI,

I am using TPS73601 LDO SOT-23-5 package in one of my design. I am taking Vin=3.3V and Vout=2.5V. This IC has output current = 400mA. Now my design consumes more current. Pls suggest LDO with high output current capability >= 1A with same SOT-23-5 package. Because, already I have PCB in my hand. I can't change foot print now.



  • Hi Sushma,

    We do not currently have a 1 A device in a SOT23-5 package. We do have devices over 1 A, but it would require a board spin.

    Best Regards,
  • Hi Sushma,

    Unfortunately the SOT23 package is unable to dissipate heat very well since it doesn't have a thermal pad/tab which means that it has a junction to ambient thermal resistance of ~200C/W. With 0.8 watts of power being dissipated in your application ([3.3V-2.5V]*1A) that would mean that any device in the SOT-23 package would heat up ~160C above your ambient temperature. This makes it very difficult to use since even an ambient temperature of -40C (the lowest temp most devices are specified) would result in a junction temp that would be just under the maximum specified temp (125C).