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BQ20Z80A-V110: Calibration status and completions of bq20z80a-v110 using the bq Gas Gauge Evaluation software.

Part Number: BQ20Z80A-V110
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: BQ29312A

I have another question concerning the bq Gas Gauge Evaluation software during the calibration for the bq20z80a-v110.

 There is a progress bar that details the status of the process and a final check mark at the end once calibration is completed.  What SBS commands generate the progress of the calibration and its completion?

Thank you in advance


  • Hi FP
    There is no sbs commands that does that. The tool just tracks the calibration routine from the start of the calibration to completion. To initiate calibration command 0x51 is sent, and command 0x52 is used to poll the corresponding parameter calibration bit. Upon completion of calibration the corresponding bit goes from high to low.

    pls see the app note below, section also has sample code:

  • I need more clarification on the calibration setup.  In the document you referenced( SLUA355B), it calls for the SBS command of 0x51 in order to calibrate the bq20z80a-v110 with the following definition of the bits in the command:

    Also, it references 0x52 as the command to monitor the changes in the bit pattern to signify when the calibration process is complete

    However in the document bq20z80A-V110 + bq29312A Chipset Technical Reference Manual (Literature Number: SLUU288), the SBS command 0x51 and 0x52 is allocated to Safety Status and PF Alert, respectively:


    As I have already used those SBS commands in my transference from the bq Gas Gauge evaluation software to Labview, I have confirmed that sending those two SBS commands procures the aforementioned bytes and is referenced in the software by the following portion of the GUI:



    The only part of the SBS commands that speaks specifically to calibration is the command 0x0040 in the manufacturer access portion of the document, which puts the chip in calibration mode. It also points to the addition document you referenced in this portion, but it doesn’t give clarification as to the specific command since as I discussed up above, these values are used for something else


    Please advise at your earliest convenience.

    Thanks as always


  • FP
    Calibration mode is different from firmware mode which the gauge operates in where 0x51 and 0x52 is used for the safety and pf registers. If you look at the sample code in the document i sent, you will see that 0x40 is sent to put the device into calibration mode before 0x51 and 0x52 are sent.