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BQ24195: Input&Output share same port, Can I connect PMID to VBUS or with a FET gate?

Part Number: BQ24195
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: BQ25890, , BQ25895, TIDA-00589

Our power bank have one usb port for Input&Output. We want to use BQ24195 or BQ25890, is the any suggestion?

1) Charging current: >2A

2) Discharging Current > 2A

3) Can detect device when discharging

4) Can limit charging current

  • Hi Dimon,

    The bq25895 is recommended for power-bank applications, and the EVM for this part gives a reference as to how to begin design for this application.

    The EVM schematic, design guide, and test data can be found under the following TIDA TI Design number:

    This device will meet your needs for 1, 2, and 4.

    For 3, a follow up question: do you mean that the device can detect when there is a load on the PMID or just disable the boost mode if there is an adapter plug-in?


  • First, BQ25895 is meet my needs; For 3, I need to detect or handshake with phone( IPhone  6). There is a problem that iphone will promote charge error "not support device" when the DPDM float.

    Second, Does BQ24195 meet my needs when I connect PMID and VBUS with reverse-blocking(FET)?

  • My Powerbank has only on usb port.
    The BQ25895 and bq24195 don't support OTG on VBUS, but on PMID. Is it safety that I connect the VBUS and PMID directly?

    The BQ25890 support OTG on VBUS. The datasheet say that it has VBUS output.
  • Hi Dimon,

    1. The simplest way to solve your handshaking problem is to short the D+/D- lines on your USB Port when in OTG mode. This will allow you to advertise the power bank as a BC1.2 DCP port (capable of higher current) which the phone will recognize.
    2. It is not recommended to place 5V output onto a host adapter. This is the reason for OTG output on PMID in power bank application. You can use a FET from PMID to VBUS and when the MCU enable OTG mode (discharge power bank) then it will also turn on the FET.