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Part Number: LMZ14202
I posted it because it was told to consult with TI customer support on the defective item, the place to contact on the matter of exchange on this forum.

I bought 1115 pieces of LMZ 14202 TZ-ADJ / NOPB at TISTORE at 2017/9, but errors frequently occurred on parts.

I think whether there was no problem with our method of use, but how is it?

In the board circuit, it is used as a power supply of about 6 V 1 A load from 24 V input.

We completed mass production of 1,100 sheets from 2017/9 after completing preparation and evaluation of prototype board.
We created ten pilots at 2017/10 and completed the reevaluation, there was no problem.

From 2017/12 to 2018/3, we have advanced the schedule of manufacturing, checking and shipping the remaining 1090 sheets.
From 2017 / January mounted products, short circuit between terminals of the device and output voltage shortage were seen.

Initially we confirmed problems in the manufacturing process, mounting process, transportation process and so on.
However, since the number of errors is too large, pay attention to the device itself and only reflow the reflow furnace
Through the terminal resistance measurement (MAX 238 ° C, 7 seconds), the terminal resistance was measured, and the terminal short circuit occurred in 5 out of 8 pieces.
Although it is also an arrival item,

· Date code 2014 reel (250 pieces) Item 3
· Date code 2016 reel (250 pieces) Item 1
The rest was REELCUT.

It is said that error products frequently occurred from 2014 / LOT tape and reel items. 2016 thing has no error.

For these reasons, we believe that there are problems with parts, not usage.
It is very troubled because it can not be manufactured as it is.
Sorry to confirm but please.
  • Hi Yasunori Yagi.

    Let me dig into this with the quality engineer to see if the date codes bring up anything for the LMZ14202 device.



  • LMZ14202回路抜粋.pdfHI  Jimmy

    Thanks for MAIL



    Since the whole can not be presented on a contract basis, only the relevant device use portion is attached.


    However. . . .

    Since it becomes NG if you pass the single device through the reflow oven

    I think that it is not a circuit problem.

    After confirming the mounting confirmation, it is a short error after confirming the resistance value before energization after board mounting.


    Although it is selfish, the product delivery date is imminent. Please correspond quickly.



  • Hi Yasunori Yagi,

    It has been identified from the quality engineer that some leaded modules with the date codes pre-DC1506 had solder extrusion issues that caused failures during inline testing after SMT.

    Can you confirm if the '2014' tape and reel of 250 pieces has a date code pre-DC1506?



  • Hi Jimmy

    Thank you for your reply.

    After confirming, within 1105 purchased items
    3 REEL (750 pcs) was a thing before DC 1506. I will attach a photo.
    REELCUT did not understand the DC.

    Is there a possibility that this caused the same cause?
    It will be helpful if you can tell me.


  • Hi Yasunori Yagi,

    Yes this could be the case since I see several  pre-DC1506 which TI has identified has had some issues in the past with solder extrusions that could potentially result in shorts.