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Battery charging

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: BQ24018, BQ24105

I have the following requirements for a battery charging system.

Lithium single cell charger with 

Battery float voltage 4.36V or above

Charge current is 50 mA

stand alone operation

       I think BQ24018 may be suitable for this application by choosing proper Rset value.  Are there any issues in using BQ24018 for this low current application?

Are there any more suitable ICs for this application?

  • This was intended to charge the LiCoMgO2 chemistry.  Make sure that the regulation voltage of the IC you choose is in line with the battery manufacturer's spec.

    50mA is really low, but as long as you don't care about a sloppy termination it will be ok.

  • Thanks for the quick reply. I am also looking at BQ24105 also as an alternative. Between BQ24018 and BQ24105 ,which part do you recommend for my application?

  • The bq24105 is a switcher and is typically for higher power and uses an inductor.  The one up side is that one can use a higher value sense resistor and may get better termination accuracy.

    I would probably go with the linear solution, bq24018 and see if it gives satisfactory results.  At lower currents the internal sense circuity especially near termination is fairly sloppy, but  this may not be a issue.