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BQ25101: TS function

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Part Number: BQ25101
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Hi Team,

Is it possible to adjust TS function range for BQ25101?
For example, forced to disable charging if battery temperature is less than 15°C.
(datasheet page 17-18)
8.3.8 TS
The TS function for the bq2510x family is designed to follow the new JEITA temperature standard
(bq25100/bq25100H/bq25101/bq25101H) for Li-Ion and Li-Pol batteries. There are now four thresholds, 60°C,
45°C, 10°C, and 0°C. Normal operation occurs between 10°C and 45°C. If between 0°C and 10°C the charge
current level is cut in half and if between 45°C and 60°C the regulation voltage is reduced to 4.1 V max for
bq25100 and 4.2 V max for bq25100H, see Figure 20. The TS function for the bq25100A cut the charge current
level in half between 0°C and 10°C and disables charging when the NTC temperature is above 45°C.
The TS feature is implemented using an internal 50μA current source to bias the thermistor (designed for use
with a 10-k NTC β = 3370 (SEMITEC 103AT-2 or Mitsubishi TH05-3H103F) connected from the TS pin to VSS. If
this feature is not needed, a fixed 10-k can be placed between TS and VSS to allow normal operation. This may
be done if the host is monitoring the thermistor and then the host would determine when to pull the TS pin low to
disable charge.
The TS pin has two additional features, when the TS pin is pulled low or floated/driven high. A low disables
charge and a high puts the charger in TTDM.
Above 60°C (45°C for bq25100A) or below 0°C the charge is disabled. Once the thermistor reaches ≉–10°C the
TS current folds back to keep a cold thermistor (between –10°C and –50°C) from placing the IC in the TTDM
mode. If the TS pin is pulled low into disable mode, the current is reduce to ≉30 μA. Since the ITS curent is fixed
along with the temperature thresholds, it is not possible to use thermistor values other than the 10-k NTC (at
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  • Hello Yaita
    The temp range can be adjusted using a different NTC and adding external resistors to the TS pin.
    But the JEITA feature of BQ25101 may be a problem , current is reduced from 0C to 10C. If the NTC voltage were adjusted for shutdown at 15C the reduced current would occur at a lower temp also.
    It may be better to use an external temp sensor to detect the 15C point and turn off BQ25101.