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BQ27410-G1: Replacement for BQ27410-G1

Part Number: BQ27410-G1
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: BQ27441-G1, , BQ27510-G3, BQ27520-G4, BQ27510-G2, BQ27510, BQ27520

The BQ27410-G1 is NRND. Recommended replacement is BQ27441-G1. Both devices reside on the System Main Board.

The difference is that the BQ27441-G1 doesn't have a LDO for external system supply and is not powered when the battery is removed.

There are several other devices for system design with a LDO which is supplied by the system (e.g. BQ27510-G3). Which is the best replacement with a LDO for the BQ27410-G1?



  • Hey Peter,

    For most of our newer devices we don't recommend powering external circuitry from the LDO's output pin unless specified, as in the BQ27410-G1's case. The only ones that can handle sourcing current for external circuitry are our older devices which are typically NRND.


  • Hello Nabil,

    I am not sure that my question was detailed enough.

    There are devices for system design. They all have an internal LDO. The difference between the devices is that the REGIN is connected in the bq27441-g1 internally to the BAT Pin and in the bq27410-g1 or bq27510-g2 or bq27520-g4 are both pins external available. With the REGIN Pin the gas gauge may be powered by the system (CPU) power supply. When the battery is removed the fuel gauge chip is still powered and responses to CPU requests.

    The devices with internal BAT and REGIN connection are off when the battery pack is removed.

    It is not intended to use the LDO output voltage for other circuitry.

    Which is the best replacement for the BQ27410-G1 with external available REGIN pin?

    Best Regards


  • Peter,
    Have you looked into the bq27510 or the bq27520 system side gauges?