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ISO5852S-EP: PMOS gate driver

Part Number: ISO5852S-EP

Hello, we are designing a driver for a half bridge composed by two complementary power MOSs (PMOS as high side switch and NMOS as low side switch).

Is ISO5852 useful for this purpose? I did not find any application notes describing the use of this integrated to drive PMOS in high side configuration.

Is it suitable for this application or can you suggest to me more suitable devices (from EP line card)?

Thank you

  • Hey Nicola,

    The ISO5852 will work on a PMOS, but may have issues driving a high side switch

    The problem with he PMOS as the high side switch and using the ISO5852 will be the "ground" of the source of the FET will have varying voltages.

    The ISO5852 will supply a high voltage of whatever the Vcc of the ISO5852 is.

    With the Source voltage being all over the place what the Vcc of the part is may not work.

    If the Vcc of the part vs. the source voltage of the ISO5852 is will not be an issue in the design, then the part will likely work for your application,

    If this is a problem, then unfortunately I don't think we have an isolated gate driver available as the ISO5852 is the only one we have at this time.



  • Please can you clarify this sentence?
    "With the Source voltage being all over the place what the Vcc of the part is may not work."

    We have to drive a BLCD motor, so we are designing a 3 legs bridge composed by complementary MOS . The motor (and the bridge) has to be supplied at 270Vdc.
    We'd wan to to connect VCC2 pin of ISO5852 to Vbus (270 V) and gnd2 pin of ISO5852 to drain of pmos . Is it possible?

    Altenatively Can you suggest also a non isolated gate driver (with enhanced package) suitable for this application?
  • Hey Nicola,

    Connecting the VCC2 pin of the device to 270 V would not be possible.
    I also don't believe we have an EP gate driver that can handle 270 V.

    Remember that most drivers will output a voltage equal to what the VCC2 is, so in that cause you would also need a FET that can take 270 V on the gate.