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LP2986: Leakage current (Vin to Vout) when device is shutdown via SHUTDOWN pin

Part Number: LP2986

What is the standby current for this device?

This TI document (Understanding the Terms and Definitions of LDO Voltage Regulators () defines the term standby current as follows:

"Standby Current-

Standby current is the input current drawn by a regulator when the output voltage is disabled by a shutdown signal."

I'm unable to locate the Standby Current parameter  in the  spec. sheet for this device().

I do not believe it is the quiescent current as called out in the spec. sheet, because of the definition of "quiescent current" as defined in this TI document (Understanding the Terms and Definitions of LDO Voltage Regulators ()

  • Hi ,

    LP2986 was originally released by National Semiconductor before the TI acquisition.  As such, some of the terms in the datasheet are slightly different than what you will normally find in a TI datasheet.  The bottom two test conditions in the Ground pin current section of the Electrical Characteristics table show the current consumed by the regulator while it is shutdown.

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  • Thanks for the rapid response. However...In that this parameter is listed as "ground pin current" I expect this current is the current flowing thru_the_device (while it is in shutdown)and out the ground pin. The spec. specifically says "ground pin". I am in question about the total_current flowing into the Vin pin, which would be the current leaking thru the regulator AND the current leaking out of the Vout pin to the load --while the device is in shutdown--.
    Thanks again for your time.
  • Hi ,

    The leakage current from Input to Output while the linear regulator is shutdown is shown in Figure 20.

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