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TINA/Spice/TPS61093: TPS61093

Part Number: TPS61093
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Tool/software: TINA-TI or Spice Models

Hello, I want to use TPS61093 to source a LTC1666 Dac and amp. op, Digital and analog parts. I've downloaded TI-NA model, exported from webench, and simulate it. Running the simulation I've realized that its impossible to run long times at transient kind, and the device has a big Soft Start times.... maybe more than 3ms, setting less than 1ms is not allowed (trying to run faster Transient simulation). Because of this, the simulation cant show me steady state or times which voltage levels reach final values... and if i use 5v input source the simulation fails... My idea was to take the proposed circuit from webench (i couldnt find the device model on TINA part list) and make some changes to obtain the same at the schematic extracted from Analog Shield.

Is there any way to make faster Transient Simulation? if i reduce soft start time, simulation fails....Anyway.... i make some simulation, for instance, implementing Dual Output Boos Converter +10/-10 suggested at datasheet and that worked.

The idea of using this device, was extracted from Analog Shield PB200-309-REVD, they source analog part with this proposed circuit,, but i have some issues..

At page number 5, they puts MPZ1608SS221A ferrite... is this component useful to reduce noise? Because im not an expert, and i want to use the same circuit, and this part is not suggested at TPS61xx datasheet.

At the same circuit mentioned before, pin #10 (Vo) has a resistor R46 connected to pin #8, is it a valid connection?

Any recommendation to source an analog/digital module is welcome.

Bye!! Best regards.


  • Hi Guillermo:
    1. The ferrite could reduce noise in some case with proper designed. But it's not necessary for the circuit. Do you have some special spec for the power supply?

    2.R46 could be shorted if choose no isolation. Or NULL for isolation to the load side during shutdown.  There is an isolation switch between OUT pin and VO pin. Connect load to OUT pin for input/output isolation during IC shutdown. See "Without Isolation FET" for the tradeoff between isolation and efficiency. ( in datasheet)

    For other simulation related question, you may submit a new question and choose [TINA] forum. It's a more efficiency way, and my teammates will support you.

    Best Regards


  • Thank you so much for answering my question, at first point, i dont have special spec for the power supply but, since the target is sourcing an LTC1666 12BIT DAC 50MSPS, less noise is always better, and the Analog Shield mentioned before, use that ferrite.

    About simulation i will submit a new question at TINA forum.

    Best Regards.

  • Hi Guillermo:
    Ferrite is usually used to reduce the high frequency noise above 100MHZ for better EMI or signal performance. You could do the decision based on circuit detail needs and performance.

    Best Regards