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UCD9240: ML605 UCD9240 configuring without USB-TO-GPIO Adapter

Part Number: UCD9240

Dear Friends
I have Xilinx ML605 board, which was damaged by wrong power connection. Now I'm trying to repair it and found out that one of UCD9240 chips is heating and doesn't work. I have ordered new one, but now i need to configure it.
I downloaded project from this page:
I downloded FUSION_DIGITAL_POWER_DESIGNER to configure chip, but I discovered to export HEX file from the project i need connected USB-TO-GPIO Adapter. I have many USB to i2c converters based on FTDI chips and own one based on STM32 MCU, but don't have one USB-TO-GPIO Adapter.
My question is:
Is there a way to configure UCD9240 chip to Xilinx ML605 factory defaults without USB-TO-GPIO Adapter?

Thans a lot


  • Hi Sergey,

    We will have someone to take a look at your question.

  • Dear Sergey,

    You can use Fusion GUI to export the configuration as "Data Flash Script" (.csv) file. The data flash script file is a step by step of programming data flash to UCD device. Then write your own program to parse the script file out to send the SMBus/I2C command to device. Please refer to "Configuration Programming of UCD devices" document for more detail. The document can be found at Fusion GUI -> Help menu -> Document Help Center -> GUI

  • Dear Anne
    Thank you very match for your reply.
    Your answer was very helpful for me, but I still have a question. I can't find Fusion GUI tool. Is it a stand alone application (Could you give a link ?) or it is part of The Fusion Digital Power Designer?
    I downloded The Fusion Digital Power Designer v7.1.1 from In this software i can run application in offline mode only. In this mode i haven't found tools you tald about.

    Thans a lot
  • Hi, Sergey,

    Fusion GUI is short for Fusion Digital Power Designer. In offline mode, you can not export Flash files; Please connect to an EVM board in order for the options to export flash files to show up in FusionGUI.


  • Dear Anne
    Thank you very much for your reply.
    This is my main problem, which i tried to explain in my first post.
    I haven't got any EVM adapter. I only have damaged Xilinx ML605 board which i want to repair. This week end I'm going to resolder UCD9240 chip and I need to load configuration to it. But I have only third party usb to i2c converter and XDS510 USB JTAG Emulator. Now I'm trying to find a way to generate .CVS files to load the factory default configuration in my ML605 board by using tools i have. Delivery a new USB adapter is painful long in my region in time of new year holidays.

    Xilinx uploaded project files for UCD9240 chip but not .cvs.
    If there are no way to generate .CVS file without USB adapter -possibli some one has opportunity to generate .cvs for ML605 board?

    Thanks a lot