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CCS/UCD3138064AEVM149: why fusion desinger cannot download ucd3138a64 firmware to evm149?

Part Number: UCD3138064AEVM149
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: UCD3138, UCD3138A64, UCD3138A, , UCD3138ALLCEVM150

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

I have used  fusion gui to download firmware to evm149 bought from TI,but I cannot download ucd3138a64.xo, but can download ucd3138.x0.then the evm cannot work.

  • The GUI checks to see if the firmware that you are attempting to download is compatible with the type of controller in the EVM.

    Since the device soldered in the EVM is a UCD3138 and not a UCD3138A64, the firmware UCD3138.X0 can be downloaded, but the ucd3138a64.xo can not.

    These devices are different from each other and one firmware image does not match different parts.


  • of course, but the device soldered in the evm149 is ucd3138? I see it's number is ucd3138A64, then I made some board  used UCD3138ARGCT 64VQFN,also just can download ucd3138.xo,  I donot know why.

    please tell me as soon as possible.

  • According to the screen shots you have inserted/attached above, the device on the EVM is a UCD3138 and not a UCD3138A64.

    What exactly you mean when you say " I see it's number is ucd3138A64"? Is this what you physically read on the device's silk screen?

    The best way to check the type of device is to scan it in ROM mode and read the IC info from the device GUI. Please do scan your device in ROM and send the screen shot with the IC info.

    The figure 64 may mean 64K of flash or 64 pin device, depending on its position in the part number. This may cause some confusion.

    Also the letter A means different things depending on its position in the part number. So we need to be careful with identification of the device type.

    Hope this makes sense.


  • Yes, what i read on the device 's silk screen is UCD3138A then 64.  you can see this image what i checked rom mode. i want to know whether it can prove that  the deivce is UCD3138A 64.

    also , i have tried to download UCD3138.xo, i found my control board cannot work, DPWM have no output. so i wonder if it is because i have downloaded wrong firmware,or other reasons that make this error.

  • Not only the silk screen, but the above screen shot as well, indicate that the device is a UCD3138A with 32K bytes of program flash.
    The 64 on silk screen means 64 pin and not 64K of flash as in UCD3138A64.

    The fact that you do not see DPWM waveforms by downloading EVM code on the control card (UCD3138064AEVM149) is not surprising.
    The EVM codes are written to operate a closed loop hardware/power supply and have many fault protection mechanisms implemented.
    If you run this code on UCD3138064AEVM149 alone, the lack of connection to a power stage will leave the analog input signals floating, causing a fault or other malfunction.

    You should start practicing with the training codes that bring up a power supply gradually and first in an open loop fashion.


  • so,what you mean is that the device is ucd3138a but with 32k bits flash。it can used ucd3138.xo in theory? i want to know what firmware should i actuallydownload。if i used the evm 149 with the evm 150,it will have dwpwm ? then i will start a open loop project 。

    what you have told me help alot ,thankyou verymuch
  • Yes, UCD3138.X0 or even better UCD3138A.x0 will fit this device/EVM.
    But in order to run an EVM software from you need more than just the control card.
    What is EVM150? Can you mention the exact full name?
    What topology you are interested in?
    If you just want to start practicing the open-loop EVM is probably the best :

  • i have designed a llc circuits and a control board used UCD3138a the device what I mentioned above.,also i have bought UCD3138ALLCEVM150 from ti ,i want to design a llc power supply.
  • Can i use evm149 to practice open-loop fashion? the UCD3138A64 firmware cannot be download due to my device is 32bits flash? so where can i find the right code of ucd3138a 32. I will appreciate it very much.
  • Q-Can i use evm149 to practice open-loop fashion?

    A- Yes you can. But of course the EVM code is not an open loop code.

    The EVM code can be evaluated when control card and EVM-150 (Mother board) are connected.

    Q-The UCD3138A64 firmware cannot be download due to my device is 32bits flash?

    A- That is correct. Why are you specifically interested in UCD3138A64.X0 code? This firmware does not match the device in your EVM.

    Q- where can i find the right code of ucd3138a 32?

    A- The firmware on is made to support different versions of the UCD3138 family. You need to choose the UCD3138A configuration and compile to get the UCD3138A.X0 in the relevant output folder.

    Hope this makes sense.

  • hhha,Maybe i have bought the devices, and i have designed control borad used this device. so i want to find correct firmware. I  am really appreciate that you help me solve the problem . It help me a lot.

  • No problem.
    The EVM does not come with UCD3138A64.
    It was not clear to me that you are interested specifically in UCD3138A64 and you have samples in hand.
    Set the CCS configuration to UCD3138A64 and you will get a UCD3138A64.X0 for your hardware with UCD3138A64 in it.
  • I thought my control board have no output because of the wrong firmware. so i am interested in how to download UCD3138A64.x0 to my board. Now, you told me the reason is openloop code, i just realized it. i will tried to configure my ccs ,and start a openloop project to make it work.