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BQ40Z50-R2: do learning cycle use bqstudio is same to web GPCRA0 tools?

Part Number: BQ40Z50-R2
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: BQSTUDIO, GPCRA0, GPCRB, BQ27541,

hi batt:

          my understand for learning cycle:

          my learning cycle is get chemid use log file,,,   then update chemid,,  then use bqstudio at roomtemp ,  do charge--rex--discharge--rex  , look the updateState until Ra table update updateState = 0e,  so i have not store log file  and not use GPCpackager send file to web tool to update RA table ,,  

          1.my question is “do learning cycle use bqstudio directly"   is have same result with web GPCRA0 tools?   i think that use bqstudio update RA is very convenient than GPCRA0 tool.

          2. if i want to optimize low temp performance ,  i must  give up “do learning cycle use bqstudio directly"  method ,  then store the log file at home and low temperature  for GPCRB tool? 

GPCRB tool must input home_temp_log_file  also, only input low_temp_log_file based on “do learning cycle use bqstudio directly" is No way  to get the output “chemid12” file?

thank you!

  • The GPCRA0 tool is to optimize for room temperature. You still need to do a chem ID match and then find out what your chem ID is. Ususally customers once they find a match run a learning cycle. To optimize it further, you can use the GPCRA0 tool.

    For low temperature performance you again need to use the GPCRB tool because this changes the chem ID parameters slightly to accommodate for low temperature. This change is not done in the learning cycle which only changes the Qmax and Ra values.

    So since the procedures are different you cannot use the learning cycle logs for the other optimizations.
  • hi batt:


    GPCRA0 description:

    While Ra and Qmax parameters can be learned by the gauge automatically through performing traditional optimization cycle, GPCRA0 also allows to obtain thermal model parameters that do not update in single cell (handheld) gauges, which help with high rate tests accuracy. 

    first thank you for your reply!

    now , i have understand the function of GPCRB tool , i have understant the above steps is called  "the gauge automatically through performing traditional optimization cycle"。

    it's different with GPCRA0 tools ,because,  same is update Ra table and Qmax both  ,,  different is GPCRA0 calculate and output  Thermal coefficients. 

    1. i want to know which dataflash param Thermal coefficients effect on?

        i found this param ,  this is the room temperature Thermal coefficients , right? --------aha! the "the gauge automatically through performing traditional optimization cycle" not update this, right?

        1.1 does GPCRA0 tools changes the Ra table slightly to accommodate for home temperature?

    Gas Gauging State T Rise 31 Num
    Gas Gauging State T Time Constant 318 Num

    2. what is the single cell (handheld) gauges?

    thank you!

  • 1. Yes, GPCRA0 does change the coefficients to optimize for room temperature.
    2. Single cell gauges are gauges that are capable of handling only 1 cell, eg, the bq27541. The bq40z50-r2 is a multi cell gauge that can handle 1-4 cells.