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REF3033 Accuracy Question

Part Number: REF3033

Hi team,

  I have a question on the REF3033 datasheet regarding to the accuracy description. 

  One page 1 of the data sheet, there's a curve of output voltage VS load current. And in Figure12, there's also a curve on that. The two curves don't seem to match.  Would you explain why? I guess one of the data is not correct? 


  • Hi Patrick,

    The two images you have shown are 2 different types of data. I believe there is a misunderstanding so I will try to explain it

    Figure 1 shows "dropout voltage" vs load current. Dropout voltage is related to the input voltage.
    The input voltage required for functionality = Vout + dropout voltage. If you are using the REF3033 with 10mA load then I would make sure Vin is Vout (3.3V) + dropout voltage (at least 100mV) for a total of Vin = 3.4V. I would add some margin because the graph is typical and has variation over temperature so 3.5V.

    Figure 12 shows the output voltage change with load current.
    The output voltage depends on the output current. This is called load regulation and it is a specification on the EC table. Load regulation is not linear and figure 12 shows how it varies with load current.

    What is the information you need for REF3033? I can make sure you are looking at the correct data.

  • Hi Marcoo,

      thank you for the answer. It's very clear!