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BQ76PL536EVM-3: BQ76PL536EVM-3 "no devices found"

Part Number: BQ76PL536EVM-3


I am trying to connect the BQ76PL536EMV-3 to my PC, through the Aardvark adapter.  I have downloaded the aardvark drivers, and the BQ76PL536EMV-3 software, but when I connect the cable to my PC a window pops up and says "there were no devices found."  I am not sure how to make the software identify and read the device I have.

  • Hi Nathan,

    Just to clarify, you are using our EVM board and not custom hardware based on the design? Please check the following:
    1) The error is not USB to SPI adapter not found correct?
    2) Check the HSEL. It should connect to GND not LDOD.
    3) Check the LDO pins are 5V.
    4) Please double confirm you have followed ALL steps in the user guide up until section 5.


  • Hi Taylor,

    I am using the the bq76pl536evm-3, not a custom board. I do not follow on parts 2 and 3 of what you said.

    I am following everything the user guide has said. I am simply plugging in the EVM to my computer, and turning on the EVM software. When I start the software each time it says "there were no devices found" while the EVM is connected to my computer through the Aardvark.

    However, I have not connected the EVM to any power supplies while turning on the software (as the user guide describes). Could this be the EVM software is not reading my EVM? I was just trying to turn on the board once I got it to verify that it works, and cannot figure it out.

    I tried this again on a different computer, but ended up with the same result/error message. (Note: when trying it on a different computer I installed the Aardvark driver before plugging in the Aardvark adapter, and before installing the EVM software, as the user guide describes). Any advice would help!

  • Hi Nathan,

    Yes this is expected. Please follow the entire user guide exactly especially sections 3 & 4 for connecting the board up to a power supply. If the board is not powered, you will not be able to talk to it. These steps are laid out in the user guide:

    (a) Configure the EVM jumpers per Section 3.1.
    (b) Connect the EVM to the Power Supplies or cells, turn on the supplies at ~12-to-24 V is recommended.
    The Absolute Maximum voltage per IC is 36 V and should not be exceeded, 30 V is the recommended
    maximum continuous voltage.
    (c) Connect the USB cable to the Aardvark and your PC.
    (d) Connect the Aardvark ribbon cable to the 10-pin header on the EVM board.
    (e) Start the WinGUI User Interface software supplied with the EVM and installed earlier.

    Best regards,

  • Hi Taylor,

    Tried what you said and it worked. T

    Thanks for the help!

    - Nathan