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TPS3813-Q1: Manufacturing Tolerance Limit of Min and Max value related to Window Frame

Part Number: TPS3813-Q1

Hello Support,

For WDR=WDT=0V, the value of WINDOW FRAME tolerance is 0.2 to 0.3 sec due to manufacturing as well as temperature/voltage variations across various sample devices.

Question is,  this statistical measurement of value was performed for how many sample devices and is it guaranteed 100% for any end-user sample devices due to Normal Gaussian Distribution?

Or, is it for 99% end user sample devices?

Rest of the ends user 1% devices might fall outside this range of 0.2 and 0.3 sec WINDOW FRAME?

Which one?

  • Hi Pashan,

    TI guarantees this spec to be within 0.2s and 0.3s, but we do not define a number of devices that we tested on. The product should have >99% of devices to fall between this min and max window and anything that falls outside would be considered an outlier and defective part.

  • Hello Abhinav,
    That means, this parameter is tested for each device being produced in the factory.
    And any violation of this Spec will discard that device.
    Is that correct?
    Thank you.
  • Pashan,

    We perform testing for an arbitrary number of sample devices in our production capacity. This testing represents all of our devices and allows us to reach a conclusion of specifications that we then include on our datasheets. This means that there could be devices produced that have not been tested for this spec and could potentially fail in application. This number of devices that may not meet this spec is very small.

    That being said, we guarantee our datasheet specs, so rest assured, what you see on the datasheet will be what you get. If you happen to run into a device that does not meet these specifications, we will be happy to work with you to solve that issue.